Thankfully not all breweries are identical. As the market for independent Australian beer grows, the diversity of producers will increase. Not long ago I wrote about where the growth in Australian beer could come from. One area is a greater number […]

What Types of Breweries Can The Australian Market Support?

Barny's Fine Wines & Ales beer fridge
Barny’s Fine Wines & Ales is the craft beer lover’s go-to spot for rare and special release beers. Barny’s is also a spot to get some really expensive beers if you’re into that thing. I wouldn’t be so rude as to ask […]

Barny’s Fine Wines & Ales, Rosebery

Beer And Chocolate Matching
Even for those who prefer the enamel-stripping bitterness of high IBU beers to anything remotely sweet, Easter is a time when it’s hard to avoid chocolate. So it’s a perfect excuse to embrace the excitement of beer and chocolate matching. Here […]

Beer And Chocolate Matching

Shenanigans Hoppy Gonzales
Hoppy Gonzales from Shenanigans Brewing was originally released for Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015. It’s an American style amber ale, liberally dosed with jalapeños. The beer made a return as the 2017 Autumn release in Shenanigans’ seasonal range. For those who tried […]

Shenanigans Hoppy Gonzales

How Can Craft Beer Grow
Whenever I hear discussion of saturation points in Australian beer I can’t help but think of all the ways in which beer can grow. From increased availability of independent brands to new people finding good beer, through to different sorts of […]

How Can Craft Beer Grow?

Shenanigans Grisette Supérieur
To celebrate their third birthday, Shenanigans brewed and released Grisette Supérieur. It’s a grown up version of their very first release, Grisette. Drinking it on tap is one thing but for a real celebratory experience, a bottle is the way […]

Shenanigans Grisette Supérieur

Debunking The Beer Journey 2
It’s very easy to apply the concept of “the beer journey” to all beer drinkers. In reality it’s a bit ridiculous. I should hold my hands up at the start and admit that it’s a concept that I’ve bandied about […]

Debunking The Beer Journey

Batch Elsie The Milk Stout
Elsie The Milk Stout from Batch Brewing Co. is a stout brewed with lactose to make it sweet and creamy. Firstly, whether served on draft or pouring from a bomber or a can, watch the tiny bubbles rush up the glass […]

Batch Elsie The Milk Stout

Yulli's Brews Gretchen Organic Honey Kolsch
Gretchen from Yulli’s Brews is an Organic Honey Kölsch which is both unique and on style. Kölsch is another of those underrated styles in the Australian market. The 4 Pines Kolsch is probably the most widely available example, while the South […]

Yulli’s Brews Gretchen Organic Honey Kölsch

Joe Wee The Noble Hops
Joe Wee is the smiling owner of The Noble Hops in Redfern. He runs a bar which prioritises both the local neighbourhood and perfect beer quality. “We’re trying to launch our own beer. That’s next. We’re going to try to […]

Joe Wee, Owner of The Noble Hops

Modus Operandi Lost Key XPA
Lost Key XPA is Modus Operandi’s first limited release of 2017. Lost Key XPA is an American style pale ale, dry hopped with Simcoe, Rakau and Columbus. The story behind the beer is that it’s a collaboration with Black Bunny Kitchen […]

Modus Operandi Lost Key XPA

Shark Island Brewing cellar door bar
While it might not be much bigger than a garage, the Shark Island cellar door on a Kirrawee industrial estate is a go-to beer venue for locals. The taproom model for small craft breweries is now a recognisable one, as is the setup […]

Shark Island Brewing Cellar Door, Kirrawee

Shark Island Brewing
Since opening in Kirrawee in 2015, Shark Island Brewing have fronted the quest to bring more craft beer to the Sutherland Shire. Previously sharing a space with the defunct Blackhorse Brewhouse, Shark Island now have the space to themselves and wasted […]

Shark Island Brewing

American Craft Beer In Australia What Does It Mean For Local Brewers?
It was recently announced that Goose Island will be Carlton United Breweries’ flagship craft brand in Australia. Not only that, it will be brewed here rather than imported. This is an important step. The Chicago brewery was one of the […]

American Craft Beer In Australia: What Does It Mean For ...

Grifter Serpents Kiss
Beer is intended to be refreshing. And there aren’t many beers as refreshing on a hot summer’s day as Serpents Kiss from The Grifter Brewing Co. Serpents Kiss is a watermelon pilsner. It was first released for Sydney Craft Beer […]

Grifter Serpents Kiss

Good beer vs well made beer
Ask many brewers what the best beer in the world is and they’ll tell you Budweiser. Why? Because it’s incredibly well made. Like Coca-Cola, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, if you buy a Budweiser it’s going […]

Good Beer Vs Well-Made Beer

4 Pines Keller Door Grapefruit IPL
4 Pines’ seasonal Keller Door releases are something to look forward to in the Aussie craft beer calendar. 2017’s first bottled release is a Grapefruit IPL. While the recent trend of fruited beers has mostly been in pale ales and […]

4 Pines Keller Door: Grapefruit IPL