Beer Barrel Growler Station Chippendale
Chippendale continues to punch above its weight for good food, good wine and now good beer. Beer Barrel Growler Station brings another option for good craft beer, and it’s only a short walk from Central Station. Nestled on Regent Street, […]

Beer Barrel Growler Station, Chippendale

Brewery owned pubs
2017 saw a few well known Sydney pubs go onto the market. Pubs will change ownership from time to time but what kind of opportunity does this present for good beer? The Local Taphouse in Sydney recently changed ownership after being […]

Who Should Buy That Pub?

Wildflower cellar door - Topher Boehm pouring beer
In Marrickville, you’ll find the closest thing to a true cellar door experience we’ve seen in Sydney. The cellar door is important to Wildflower owner and brewer, Topher Boehm. Not only does it provide immediate access to customers, which is […]

Wildflower Cellar Door, Marrickville

Inner West Brewers Association
The formation of the Inner West Brewers Association could be a landmark moment in the evolution of beer in Sydney. The intention of this site is to document and celebrate what happens around the Sydney beer scene so it would […]

Inner West Brewers Association

Brewery Content Marketing
Much has been made of large breweries funding blogs, online magazines and news sites. There’s a simple explanation. Many concerns have been raised in the US around the likes of Good Beer Hunting, along with their involvement in October (part […]

It’s Called Content Marketing, Dummy!

Akasha Hopsmith
Dave Padden, head brewer at Akasha Brewing, loves his hops. So obviously the IPA in Akasha’s line-up is high quality. Hopsmith is in the American West Coast style, showcasing an impressive clarity along with forceful pine and citrus aromas. There’s […]

Akasha Hopsmith

4 Pines In Season IPA #4
This full-flavoured yet balanced beer is the fourth iteration of 4 Pines’ Fresh In Season IPA but the first in cans. 4 Pines have been making their Fresh In Season IPA for a while now. At each hop harvest (both northern […]

4 Pines In Season IPA #4

Wayward Oatis
Wayward Oatis was original a GABS beer but such was its popularity, particularly among the brewery’s locals, that it pops up again from time to time. Wayward originally brewed this beer for GABS in 2015. It’s since made its way […]

Wayward Oatis

Wildflower Amber Blend 1
Wildflower Amber is an Australian wild ale that evokes a sense of place. It possesses a solid malt bill and a complex yeast-forward character. Wildflower Amber was released at the same time as Gold. Together these are Wildflower’s commercially available […]

Wildflower Amber Blend #1

Wildflower Gold Blend 1
Wildflower Brewing & Blending feels like something of a turning point for beer in Sydney. This Gold is just the start. It pours a beautiful golden colour as befits the name. The bottle conditioning has worked perfectly for the carbonation. […]

Wildflower Gold Blend #1

GABS Sydney 2017 in full swing 1
GABS returned to Sydney in 2017 with a record breaking attendance and more beers than ever. When it was announced that GABS 2017 would be moving away from the Australian Technology Park and travelling west to the Sydney Showground, it’s […]

GABS Sydney 2017

Topher Boehm Wildflower Brewing and Blending
Topher Boehm has been around the Sydney brewing scene for a while, spending time at Flat Rock and Batch, but now he’s doing his own thing in the form of Wildflower Brewing & Blending. It’s often said that brewing combines […]

Topher Boehm, Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Wildflower Brewing & Blending
Wildflower Brewing & Blending is something of a first in the Sydney brewing scene. Opening in 2017, its primary focus is barrel maturing and blending beer. Following in a long tradition of beer making that has roots in Britain and […]

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

GABS Sydney 2017 Preview
It’s that time of year again. The Great Australasian Beer Spectapular is here and this time round it heads out west. Departing from the much-loved Australian Technology Park, GABS Sydney 2017 heads to Olympic Park. It’s a new venue but […]

GABS Sydney 2017 Preview

Defining Independence in Craft Beer
The Craft Beer Industry Association is now the Independent Brewers Association and has revised its membership criteria to put more focus on independence. While they’ve moved away from arbitrary definitions of “craft”, how we define independence looks set to be the […]

Defining Independence In Beer

4 Pines Keller Door Cherry Coconut Brown Ale
Keller Door releases from 4 Pines are an exciting marker of the changing seasons. This Cherry Coconut Brown Ale does exactly what it says on the beautifully illustrated label. The aroma on this beer pulls no punches. It’s clear in […]

4 Pines Keller Door: Cherry Coconut Brown Ale

The Secondary Beer Market
It’s not as bad as people make out, particularly here in Australia. So what if people hoard or pay over the odds for beer? Other punters shouldn’t be annoyed that people are excited about beer and spending money on it. Brewers might […]

The Secondary Beer Market

Modus Operandi Zoo Feeder IPA Autumn 2017
The old favourite, Zoo Feeder, is back as MO’s second limited release of 2017. But it is just that, limited. Zoo Feeder was once part of the Modus Operandi core range but was replaced by Sonic Prayer. It’s a beer with […]

Modus Operandi Zoo Feeder