4 Pines HQ Truckbar, Brookvale

4 Pines expanded operations in 2012 by moving to a facility in Brookvale. This enabled the North Shore brewers to step up production and distribute more widely but also allowed for an additional cellar door venue and the chance to engage with a new community of locals.

4 Pines truckbar

They’ve done some renovations since moving into Brookvale, knocking through a wall in 2014 and opening up what they call their truckbar. It’s literally that, a pub bar behind an old flat bed truck. It’s a sight to behold.

If the truckbar doesn’t grab your attention first, the towering stainless steel will. There’s no better way to enjoy beer than fresh at the source, and the source is no more than a few metres away from the bar.

Once you’ve finished marvelling at the enormous fermenters lining the wall, the truckbar is where you’ll spend most of your time.

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Core Or Keller Door

There are a number of taps, featuring the core range (of which tasting paddles are available) and a number of limited releases. These change all the time but if you don’t often get to the 4 Pines truckbar or their Manly brew pub, it’s worth trying a few.

Aside from checking Now Tapped!, there’s no way of knowing what will be on. It might be something to fit in with the seasons (an English Barleywine in the winter, a light fruity sour in the summer, or a Fresh In Season IPA shortly after the hop harvest) or it might be something completely new and unexpected.

4 Pines HQ truckbar beer

Obviously to work at a brewery you need to know a thing or two about beer and the 4 Pines bar staff will guide you through the beers and find something to suit your tastes, probably even pouring you a taster along the way.

They’ll also have a beer pouring through a randall, an infusion device which can be filled with fruit, hops or other tasty ingredients such as coffee beans or spices. This adds a new and interesting twist on one of their existing beers and makes for an interesting side by side comparison with the “un-randalled” beer.

For those who insist they don’t like beer, yet still visit a brewery, they also have a red and a white wine on tap, as well as the Brookvale Union ginger beer.

Comfortable For A Warehouse

Being a functioning brewery, there’s plenty of space for stools, seats and standing, with long communal tables, and kegs to lean on. There are heat lamps to protect against harsh winds blowing through the industrial estate and even an upstairs area with a view along the top of their massive fermenters and down onto the tables below.

There’s more seating on this upstairs balcony, along with some retro arcade game machines. If you’re there early, grab these seats as you’ll be guaranteed hours of fun, especially as the beer starts flowing.

You can sit at the bar and look out across the brewery, taking in the pallets of kegs, the labelling machine (squint and you might see the latest Keller Door bottle label) and of course the fermenters.

There’s also a rack of barrels if you peer carefully around a corner. It’s something very exciting for the beers geeks and will have them craning their necks to see the chalk scrawls across the barrels and the brewer’s logs hanging from the fermenters.

With some pumping music at the weekend, glycol pipes overhead, the 4 Pines kitchen’s speciality “pale ale pies” and a range of their core beers and limited Keller door releases, it’s enough to attract both casual beer drinkers and hardcore beer nerds.

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Weekend Sessions & Community Focus

Friday is local community night while on Sunday they project the AFL “game of the day” onto an enormous screen in the brewery. If you’re looking for a Sunday session out with some friends, this is a fantastic way to grab some beers and keep up with the footy.

The 4 Pines truckbar is quite literally down the road from Nomad Brewing’s tasting room. It’s a nice little afternoon sojourn, and also not far from Warringah Mall, so if you get tired of weekend shopping, you have great beer just a short walk away.

Even if you don’t have time to stop in for a pint, they have a takeaway fridge with the regular core range and, if the time is right, bottles of their limited Keller Door releases. If you’re extra lucky you might even be able to buy a case of Keller Door beer but these are scarce and usually snaffled up by locals and beer club members.

If you’re local to Brookvale, beer nerds will envy you having the 4 Pines truckbar on your doorstep. If you don’t live nearby, it’s worth a day trip out to take in the 4 Pines HQ (and Nomad).

Address: 4f/9-13 Winbourne Rd, Brookvale NSW 2100
Website: http://4pinesbeer.com.au/
Hours: Mon-Wed: Closed, Thurs-Fri: 4pm-10pm, Sat: 12pm-6pm, Sun: 12pm-8pm
Now Tapped!: https://nowtapped.com/4pinesbrewinghq

Have you visited the 4 Pines truckbar in Brookvale? Leave a comment and let me know if you’re a local or whether you travelled. What did you think of it?