4 Pines Kolsch

4 Pines Kolsch has become somewhat of a staple in the Sydney beer scene.

4 Pines Kolsch

Kölsch is a beautiful style of beer. Originating from Cologne in Germany, it features all the clean and crisp flavours of a lager but fermented like an ale.

It’s typically a very balanced beer and that’s the case with the 4 Pines interpretation.

Subtle Balance of Flavours

There’s some spice on the nose, more so from the variety of hops than from any yeast phenols, although these are present in small amounts.  You can smell the malt bill too and the aroma promises the bread-like sweetness that’s found when you take the first sip.

There’s some very subtle lime citrus flavour underneath the layers of mild hop bitterness and bready malt. The sweetness hits the tip of the tongue and develops into more rounded, biscuity flavours. It’s this combination of bread and biscuit that is the primary flavour in the mid-palate.

In the glass it’s a beautiful pale gold that sparkles with enticing effervescence underneath a frothy white head.

The finish is pretty crisp with some spice from the hops lingering on the palate.

A Versatile Companion To Food

4 Pines Kolsch is a very refreshing beer and, as is often the case with the style, is incredible versatile when pairing with food. It would serve as a great table beer that you could enjoy with a range of dishes.

While it would work as a cleansing and refreshing accompaniment to curries or spicy dishes, matching it with similar flavours is going to provide the best experience. Bitter green salad leaves, a lime vinaigrette and some wholesome grains would be perfect.

Brewery: 4 Pines
From: Brookvale, NSW
Beer style: Kolsch style beer
ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 22
Pair with: Salad of bitter greens, pearl barley and quinoa with a lime vinaigrette

Is 4 Pines Kolsch a regular beer in your fridge? Leave a comment and tell me what you like about it.