Ashfield Mall Cellars, Ashfield

Ashfield has a small but excellent craft-focused speciality bottle shop.

Ashfield Mall Cellars imported beer

Labelled as Liquor Legends, Ashfield Mall Cellars (as it’s better know) is unassuming in appearance. It looks like a discount liquor store on the lower floor of a shopping mall which it’s fair to say is no Westfield.

Local And Imported Beer

Ashfield Mall Cellars Sydney beers

But inside lies an Aladdin’s cave of treasures. There’s a strong focus on local with the likes of Batch Brewing, Young Henrys, Willie The Boatman and Shenanigans. There are plenty of bombers from these Inner West brewers, alongside offerings from the best of Australia from Nail to Pirate Life and Bacchus to Brew Cult.

There’s also lots of imported stuff too with beery friends from over the ditch, as well as a healthy German and British representation and an overwhelming selection of classic Belgian beers and modern American craft, with the likes of Sierra Nevada, Deschutes, Knee Deep and Founders to name a few.

Ashfield Mall Cellars Cantillon

Ashfield Mall Cellars

The best part is, while there is plenty of shelf space, many of the beers are refrigerated meaning local beers will be in the absolute best condition while hoppy US beers will still be holding up pretty well.

Friendly And Relaxed

Prices are comparable to any specialist bottle shop in Sydney and service is helpful with a clear knowledge of the beers and the general beer market.

It’s a pretty small store and the beers are tightly packed in together between the wine selection and pre-mixed drinks.

Despite this, there’s a pretty relaxed atmosphere in the store with browsing and chatting encouraged. You could easily lose track of time browsing the shelves and fridges.

If you’re around the Ashfield area, Ashfield Mall Cellars should definitely be your go to beer store. But even if you’re further afield, it’s worth keeping an eye on their social media pages to see what they get in because sometimes they might be the only place to get certain imports.

It’s handily located a five minute walk from Ashfield station so it’s pretty accessible from most parts of Sydney.

Address: 204 Level 2, Ashfield Mall, 260A Liverpool Road
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10am-8pm, Sun: 10am-6pm

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