Australian Brewery

In the truly global world of craft beer, one could describe beer from your home country as being local. That’s certainly the approach of Australian Brewery.

Australian Brewery

As the name suggests, they revel in their Aussie-ness. Once upon a time you could have made a joke about Aussie beer but not now.

Australian Brewery are producing an awesome core range of beers. And what’s more, they’re canning them.

In many ways they’re ahead of the curve. But you’d expect them to be on top of their game having been around for over two decades.

They’re committed to high quality, consistent beers that are easy to drink. Their core range includes a pale ale, a stout, a pilsner and a cider. It’s straight down the line but executed extraordinarily well.

Once brewed, the beers are canned so they can be served in optimum condition, and shipped across the country. Their website proudly proclaims “Why we can”, detailing the environmental benefits as well as how it improves the experience for craft beer drinkers.

Their beers are both proudly Aussie and proudly local, making the most of some of New South Wales’ finest native ingredients. Their approach fits in with the craft ethos.

Like their beers, their hotel and brewery venue in Rouse Hill has taken home a number of awards and is a huge hit with locals.

Sydney’s good beer scene does stretch outside of the Inner West and North Shore. In fact, in many ways it started there with breweries like Australian Brewery.

As Sydney continues to grow and sprawl outward into the suburbs, Australian Brewery could quite easily become an increasingly popular brewery and venue.

Sometimes all you need is a few brothers, a passion for good beer and a fair  amount of hard work. Keep an eye out for Australian Brewery’s distinctive cans.

Core range:

  • Pale Ale
  • Pilsner
  • Extra Hoppy Ale
  • Fresh Press Cider

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