Batch American Pale Ale

Batch American Pale Ale was the first beer to come out of the Marrickville brewery and forms part of their core range.

Batch American Pale Ale

It’s been available from the tasting room, at pubs around Sydney, and in bombers at good bottle shops. In November 2016 it was packaged in cans.

This beer attacks the senses with huge orange pith and sugared grapefruit aromas. As soon as the liquid hits the glass, the smell blooms upwards filling your nose.

It holds a deep golden colour with a head that subsides, leaving a film of dirty white bubbles.

Freshly Squeezed Citrus

This pale ale is as juicy as they come. It’s like freshly squeezed oranges and grapefruit. You can almost feel and taste the flesh of the fruit in your mouth.

It’s close to the experience of  biting into an orange but this is cut slightly short by a crashing wave of bitterness across the palate. It’s an assertive bitterness but it remains balanced with the malt backbone.

This beer has got better and better as Batch have honed production. For this style, cans are a great packaging option. They’re worth picking up if you know they’re in good condition. But otherwise, you can get it fresh from the brewery.

Quaff Exuberantly

My English upbringing tells me that anything over 5% ABV can’t be labelled sessionable but this is Australia and this pale ale is defiantly American in style. To that end, it’s as smashable as they come. This is a beer that tempts you to quaff it down exuberantly.

Like their West Coast IPA, it’s a perfectly executed taste of the US right here in Sydney. That’s thanks to the American owners of Batch Brewing Co.

While I’m all for elevating beer to where it should be in terms of pairing with food, Batch American Pale Ale is a drinking beer. This is one to enjoy by the glassful. But if you are hungry, it’ll wash down a pepperoni pizza very nicely.

Brewery: Batch Brewing
From: Marrickville, NSW
Beer style: American pale ale
ABV: 5.2%
Hops: Cascade
Malt: Pale Ale, Vienna, Carapils, Light Crystal
Pair with: Pepperoni pizza

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