Creek & Cella, Leichhardt

From the people behind Bitter Phew and Doris and Beryl’s Bridge Club & Tea House, Creek & Cella brings craft beer and a deli-inspired menu to Leichhardt.

Creek & Cella bar

It’s a concept we haven’t seen much in Sydney but it’s well suited to Leichhardt with the suburb’s European influence. Open in the morning, Creek & Cella’s licence allows them to stay open throughout the day and into the night.

As far as craft beer is concerned, you’ll find a range of taps including familiar names. There’s local options with the likes of ShenanigansAkasha and Ekim, as well as some interstate breweries.

The beer list is at the approachable end of the beer spectrum, particularly when compared to Bitter Phew. But there’s still a range of styles and you’re likely to see everything from lagers through to IPAs, ambers and saisons.

Creek & Cella Leichhardt

If you’re more adventurous, there’s a tight bottle list featuring some exciting Belgian stuff, some sessionable hop-forward American names and a couple of Australian options. The list has been curated with culinary pairings in mind. It goes well with the choice of food on offer.

The Creek & Cella tap list is likely to change semi-regularly so keep an eye on Now Tapped! to see what they have pouring at the moment.

They also have a great range of wines with some funky natural stuff from all over Australia. There’s a variety of Aussie craft spirits too so cocktail drinkers are well served. And with the calibre of bar staff at Creek & Cella, you will be well served.

Charcuterie & Fromage

Creek & Cella meat plate and Kriek De Ranke

The food menu at Creek & Cella draws inspiration from European delis with charcuterie and fromage plates. There are small dishes featuring pickled vegetables, bean dips, ricotta, oysters and so on. There’s everything from light nibbles to indulgent, guilt-inducing pleasures.

That’s if you can look past the incredible meat and cheese plates which are perfect for grazing while enjoying an excellent glass of beer or wine.

A Third Place

The overall atmosphere at Creek & Cella is relaxed. It’s bright and breezy making for a laid back vibe.

There’s space to sit at the bar and enjoy an espresso of Mecca coffee or a schooner of beer, there are lounges for date night and large tables that are perfect for parties.

It’s the kind of venue where you could spend all day. It’s a real third place and is already proving popular with locals.

This kind of venue has been a long time coming in Sydney. It’s a place where you can get a morning coffee, pop in for a light lunch and a glass of beer, and then sit at the bar for a session while grazing on cured meats and soft cheese late into the evening.

For the people who appreciate the finer things in life, it’s a concept which is near enough perfect.

It’s a wonderful space with clear European inspiration. Aaron and co behind Bitter Phew have enough experience with bars in Sydney to know what punters want and in Creek & Cella they’re certain to deliver it.

Address: 54 Norton St, Leichhardt NSW 2040
Now Tapped!:

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