Doctor’s Orders Tonic

Tonic from Doctor’s Orders replaces the much loved Zephyr for 2016/2017 but it’s a fantastic choice for summer.

Doctor's Orders Tonic

In 2016 Doc started mixing up his seasonal releases because of Sydney’s fickle craft beer market.

Tonic was originally released as a collaboration between Doctor’s Orders, Yeastie Boys and Wheaty Brewing Corps. Now it’s back and available in cans.

It’s an incredibly sessionable witbier, clocking in at 4.5 % ABV. But it’s also designed as a mixer for gin, making it a great choice for people who don’t normally drink beer.

Doctor’s Orders Tonic As A Mixer

It works best with citrus forward gins such as Baker Williams XLCR, with which it was paired at the Creek & Cella launch. I also tried it with Distillery Botanica’s Moore’s Dry Gin and Archie Rose’s Signature Dry Gin. While both of those are fantastic gins, the Baker Williams was the best match for Tonic.

Mixing the two brought out not just citrus flavours but also bold herbal botanicals.

Tonic, The Beer

That’s not to say Tonic can’t be enjoyed on its own. Straight up it’s a witbier which is both complex in flavour and quaffable. As you might expect with Doc, there are a number of additional ingredients in this beer. It contains lemon myrtle, juniper berries, coriander, orange peel and cinchona bark powder.

The beer pours a light hazy gold. It looks approachable with its fluffy, cloud-like white head. There’s very subtle herbal aromas that you’d associate with a witbier but mostly it’s a very clean beer which serves it well as a mixer.

It’s moderately dry, finishes clean and is neither overly bitter nor overly sweet. It’s a demonstration in balance while retaining the characteristics that make the style what it’s supposed to be. There’s just the right amount of bitterness to replicate the dry, tannic qualities you get from tonic water.

Drinkers will be split down the middle as to whether they prefer the beer on its own or with gin.

You could boost Tonic into a super cocktail with a cucumber and citrus fruit garnish or you could pair it with an elegant sharing plate as found at Creek & Cella, such a cannelloni bean dip or stracciatella.

Zephyr will be sorely missed this year but Tonic provides something accessible and interesting through the warmer months.

Brewery: Doctor’s Orders Brewing
From: Sydney, NSW
Beer style: Witbier
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 12
Pair with: Gin!

Have you tried Doctor’s Orders Tonic? Did you mix it with gin? Leave a comment below and share how you enjoyed this beer.