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Beer in pubs vs beer at home off-premise vs on-premise

Beer In Pubs vs Beer At Home

Drinking beer is all about the experience. But these experiences vary depending on the conditions in which we drink. Every country has different drinking cultures. Like our cousins in the UK and the USA, Australia has both a strong pub culture ...
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craft beer divided

Will We See Craft Beer Divided?

As the craft segment continues to grow will we see a division in how people see producers of “craft beer”? If we look to what’s happening in America where some craft breweries have grown to enormous sizes, distributing across the ...
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Craft Beer Marketing - Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word

Marketing Is Not A Dirty Word

Within craft beer, marketing seems to be viewed as a dirty word. But that shouldn't be the case. I think the reason is obvious. Craft beer has been a shift to a superior product in opposition to poor tasting beers ...
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Gimmick Beers A Debate

Gimmick Beers: A Debate

It's an ongoing debate in the craft beer world which has reignited recently, are gimmick beers a good or bad thing for beer? Recently, renowned beer professor and writer, Charlie Bamforth, talked about the dangers of gimmicks in beers. Mr ...
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locality vs quality in beer

Locality Vs Quality In Beer

Given the name of this website, a focus on supporting local beer is implicit. But here’s a question. Is it always the best way to help good beer grow? What if what’s local isn’t always what’s best? Consider two sides of ...
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GABS Sydney 2016

GABS Sydney 2016

The 2016 edition of the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular was bigger and better than the previous year. For those that don’t know, GABS is the brainchild of the founders of The Local Taphouse pubs. Aussie, kiwi and some overseas brewers ...
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GABS Sydney 2016 Preview

Ahead of the second GABS in Sydney, here’s a preview and guide to getting the most out of your festival. There’s more detail below, or if you’re just interested in the beers you can jump down to a few of ...
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Steve Drissell Staves Brewery Glebe

Steve Drissell, Owner of Staves Brewery

Steve Drissell is owner of Staves Brewery. Back in 2013 it was announced as Iron Awe, a place for real ale near the centre of Sydney. It’s been a long road for Steve but his passion for brewing and serving ...
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wineification of beer

The Wineification of Beer: An Alternative View

We often think of the wineification of beer in terms of snobbery becoming too pervasive. There's the idea of the craft beer bar being an intimidating experience or the beer connoisseur with their head too far up the wrong end ...
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autumn tap list

An Autumn Tap List

Now that the clocks have changed and the sun is setting by the time many of us leave the office, the draw of a beer that suits the cooling weather becomes far too tempting. Inspired by the Bitter Phew autumn ...
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