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autumn tap list

An Autumn Tap List

Now that the clocks have changed and the sun is setting by the time many of us leave the office, the draw of a beer that suits the cooling weather becomes far too tempting. Inspired by the Bitter Phew autumn ...
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A Closer Look At Lager Styles

When many people discover craft beer, they move away from drinking lagers. But we shouldn't forget about the variety of lager styles out there. Here's a look at some of them and where you can find them in Sydney. In ...
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Jamie Carlyon, Dave's Brewery Tours

Dave Phillips & Jamie Carlyon, Dave’s Brewery Tours

Dave Phillips is the man behind Dave's Brewery Tours, one of the most interesting ways to experience beer in Sydney. Jamie Carlyon is his right hand man. Thanks to David and Jamie (pictured) for taking the time to answer a ...
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Nori Sato - Daves Brewery Tours Northern Exposure - Modus Operandi

Dave’s Brewery Tours: Northern Exposure

Dave's Brewery Tours is going from strength to strength in Sydney. Here's the lowdown on the Northern Exposure tour. Firstly, two points of admin: Thank you to Dave and Jamie of Dave's Brewery Tours for sorting me out with mate's ...
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Lattobacilli kettle sours

Kettle Sours: A Debate

There’s a debate around kettle sours. Simply, kettle souring is a process of making sour beers that’s quicker and cheaper than some traditional souring methods. Most of the debate centres around two points; the tradition of brewing sour beers and the ...
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Is craft beer the right name?

Is Craft Beer The Right Name?

This is an argument that's popped up a lot in recent times. And it's one that I've been reluctant to write about. But here goes... Right now, I think "craft beer" probably is the right term to use. But ask ...
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Gateway Beers

Gateway Beers: It’s About The Drinker, Not The Beer

What we mean when we talk about gateway beers should be more to do with the person experiencing the beer than the beer itself. The concept of “gateway beers” seems to be something only seen from inside beer circles, looking out ...
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Hottest 100 Craft Beers

Hottest 100 Craft Beers 2015

In proper Australia Day tradition, the Hottest 100 craft beer countdown generated a touch of controversy and its fair share of discussion. And that’s a good thing. Firstly, a massive hat tip and congratulations to all those involved in the ...
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how many taps is too many?

How Many Taps is Too Many?

When news of The Dog's (formerly Duke of Gloucester) proposed 58 taps hit the news it opened up an old debate. How many taps is too many? The short and uninspiring answer is, it depends. There are a number of factors ...
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David Jones Beer Cellar

A Dream: The David Jones Beer Cellar

I have a dream. A slightly ambitious dream. That one day David Jones will have a beer cellar equivalent to its wine bar. If you’ve ever been to a David Jones food court, you’ll have seen their wine tasting bar ...
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