This is where SydneyBeer attempts to add a little bit of spice to your craft beer journey.

SydneyBeer aims to tell the stories of people in the beer community who are doing interesting things.

As well as stories, you’ll find hints, tips and hopefully some insight into Sydney’s craft beer scene.

If you have an interesting beer story, get in touch.

SydneyBeer awards 2015

SydneyBeer Awards 2015

As seems customary at this time of year, SydneyBeer takes a look back at the highlights at 2015. While these are meaningless gongs (that exist in no physical form), I hope it’s a way of celebrating some of the achievements ...
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5 perfect beers for summer

5 Perfect Beers for Summer 2015

Okay, listicles are a bit lame. Rest assured I know this isn't going to win me a Pulitzer any time soon. That said, if you or a mate are looking for some great beers that are suited to a Sydney summer, ...
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Batch Brewing chalk board

Why Does Defining Craft Beer Matter?

A little while ago I wrote about what craft beer is. But why should we define craft beer in the first place? Simply, there are a few reasons to define what craft beer is: To protect small independent breweries. To ensure ...
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Craft lagers

3 Craft Lagers to Convert Your VB Drinking Mates

Aussies love beer. Historically, they’ve loved VB, XXXX and Toohey’s. Well, here are three craft lagers that are guaranteed to convert people to good beer. So your mate only drinks VB (or XXXX)? Maybe they want to know what all the ...
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Oak Barrel bottles

6 Steps to Buying Beer From a Bottle Shop

This should be simple right? How can you fail at buying beer from a bottle shop (well apart from forgetting your ID when you were 18)? Sometimes however, it’s surprisingly easy to mess it up. I still do it when ...
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Empire Hotel Annandale

Kate Marsden, Hotel Manager, Empire Hotel Annandale

The Empire Hotel in Annandale has been doing some really interesting things since it launched. They have a good craft beer focus and their support of local breweries is plain to see. I asked Hotel Manager, Kate Marsden, a few ...
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Sydney Cricket Ground: Craft Beer at Australian Sports Stadiums

A Dream: Craft Beer at Australian Sports Stadiums

At the moment it's merely a dream but one day I hope to get a freshly poured, local craft beer at the footy. The current beer offering at stadiums is pitiful. Even at so called higher class places such as ...
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Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015 Opening Gala

Trends from Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015

When brewers, venues and punters come together for 10 days of celebrating beer, it’s possible to identify a few trends in what people are drinking and how they’re drinking it. While such an event might not necessarily be reflective of ...
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Sydney Craft Beer Week opening gala Batch Tiny Coconut Bubbles

Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015: Top Beers

The thing about major beer celebrations, whether it’s a week long event, or a one off like GABS, is that there are far too many beers for one person to try. In no particular order, here are just a few ...
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Sydney Craft Beer Week opening gala

Photos from Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015

Sydney Craft Beer Week 2015: so much to do, so much to drink. The thing about beer festivals is that there's so much to do (and so much to write about) but so little time. #SCBW15 has been buzzing on ...
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