Forest Lodge Hotel, Forest Lodge

It’s another Sydney favourite – it’s the Flodge!

Forest Lodge Hotel

This place has heaps going for it but it can be distilled down to two major selling points:

  1. The tap list
  2. The staff

In the 2015 Time Out pub awards, Forest Lodge Hotel was awarded a Highly Commended for its beer menu. Fully deserved! The reason why? It’s always changing!

The legendary beer menu

They seem to have made an incredible effort to support local breweries but they also get the best from elsewhere in Australia and even the USA. I recently had a Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter and it was tasting amazing, like plunging my head into a vat of fresh hops!

I’ve also been lucky enough to get the last of the keg for beers from Wayward and Riverside. The Sydney scene is well represented.

Forest Lodge Hotel inside

They also have your standard macro lagers which means your VB-drinking mate can’t moan about you dragging him to a “craft beer pub”.

Forest Lodge Hotel barThe food is solid pub fare, with pizzas, schnitties, sausage and mash, and the like. It’s tasty and there can’t be any complaints.

You’ll need some good grub to work your way through all the taps.

The walls around the bar are adorned with the tap badges of past beers. It’s a sight to behold – it looks incredible!

The beer and cider lists appear behind the bar on old Sydney Rail boards, the kind with the rotating wooden blocks with station names printed on.

Forest Lodge beer menuTake a close look at some of the taps and note the faded Sydney 2000 Olympics Official Beer Supplier logo.

There’s nothing too fancy here and it doesn’t look spectacular from the outside but it’s a wonderful little place to hideaway on a Sunday.

A place to visit again and again

Particularly as the staff are warm and friendly. They always offer a cheery hello and are happy to talk you through the beers. They seem to know their stuff too.

The Sydney craft beer scene wouldn’t be the same without Forest Lodge Hotel. I return there again and again.

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Address: 117 Arundel Street, Forest Lodge NSW 2037
Hours: Mon – Sun: 11am-Late
Now Tapped!:

Have you been to Forest Lodge Hotel? Let me know what you thought and what beers you tried in the comments below. Or share this post and let your friends know where you next want to meet for a drink!