Grifter Big Sur

Big Sur is a West Coast style IPA from The Grifter Brewing Co. It’s piney, resinous and very smashable.

Grifter Big Sur

Grifter Big Sur has been around for a while but it’s tasting better than ever from the Grifter taproom in Marrickville.

It’s also been released in cans. It pours something of a golden-amber. While not entirely transparent it showcases a delicious, frothy, dirty white head which leaves gorgeous lacing on the glass.

Piney And Resinous

In true West Coast style, it’s piney up-front and resinous on the finish. Big Sur is a bit heavier in the glass than some of the IPAs you’ll find in the US but it states clearly on the can that it’s a medium-bodied ale. The malt backbone is a constant presence in this beer, providing a gristy base for the hop bill.

There’s a savouriness to the finish, an organic taste which I imagine is down to a shedload of hops going into the recipe.

Some stone fruit flavours are evident when the beer rises a degree or two in temperature but this is a pine-forward beer. There’s a dankness and a residual hop oil taste which is a much more pleasant experience than I make it sound.

6.7% is pretty much the perfect ABV for a beer of this style. You know the alcohol is there but it doesn’t distract from the flavour profile. A few of these would make a drinker very merry.

All American

It features all American hops and while these provide the aforementioned resinous flavours, the bitterness is restrained. The malt bill provides a certain sweetness which combines with the alcohol to provide a slick mouthfeel and finish. The bitterness could be compared to that of Modus Operandi beers like Sonic Prayer IPA.

It’d wash down some spicy buffalo wings or carne asada tacos very nicely.

Brewery: The Grifter
From: Marrickville, NSW
Beer style: West Coast IPA
ABV: 6.7%
Pair with: Spicy buffalo wings

Have you tried Grifter Big Sur at the Grifter taproom or in cans? How did it compare to other IPAs? Leave a comment below and share your experience.