Grifter Bright Eye

Bright Eye is a pilsner from The Grifter Brewing Co. in Marrickville. At the end of 2016 it was released in cans.

The Grifter Bright Eye New World Pilsner

Formerly a Kolsch, this beer has vastly changed and improved since Grifter started making it as a pilsner at their Marrickville home.

New World Hops

The new world hops in this beer feature prominently. Namely Motueka and Riwaka from New Zealand. The nose is grassy with a light squeeze of citrus.

It’s a super pale lemon-yellow beer, with a touch of haze to it. Pour it vigorously and you’ll get a fluffy white head but this soon subsides. The carbonation is moderate, it won’t have that bloating effect like some other lagers.

There are plenty of earthy hops that taste super fresh, giving an impression of recently cut grass alongside a gentle squeeze of grapefruit and lime juice. This is a lovely characteristic of many kiwi hops and it makes for an exciting sensory experience.

Genuine Thirst Quencher

Grifter Bright Eye Pilsner is a beer that could easily be described as sessionable. Its release in cans for summer 2016 was perfectly timed. There’s been something of a glut of canned beers entering the Sydney market thanks to East Coast Canning’s immense efforts in the lead up to summer.

It was pretty wise of The Grifter to choose this beer to put in cans. It’s one of the stand outs in their portfolio and definitely a thirst quencher. Their West Coast style Big Sur IPA, while a firm favourite and very drinkable, probably isn’t the kind of beer many people would crush a six pack of.

A few weeks after the release of this beer, The Grifter announced the launch of their Serpent’s Kiss watermelon pilsner in cans.

If you like this you’ll like Yulli’s Seabass Mediterranean Lager which also features Motueka hops. 

Alternatively, Wayward’s FUSAMI Victory is a more beefed up new world lager that has higher levels of alcohol and a much stronger aroma.

When it comes to food pairing this beer is pretty versatile. Meats or fish barbecued at home are going to be perfect.

Brewery: The Grifter Brewing Co.
From: Marrickville, NSW
Beer style: Pilsner
ABV: 4.4%
Pair with: Barbecued tuna steak

Have you got hold of Grifter Bright Eye in cans? Or have you tried it at their brewery bar? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the beer.