Harts Pub, The Rocks

The spiritual home of Rocks Brewing Co., Harts Pub is a go-to venue for craft beer in Sydney.

Harts Pub

The Rocks has many things going for it and Harts Pub is one. Home for so long to Rocks Brewing Co., you’ll find their staple beers on tap all year round and on a summer’s day, their Hangman Pale Ale or Governor Golden Ale are perfect choices.

Throughout the year most of their other taps rotate with some great beers, not just from Australia but around the world. They’re also a safe bet for fantastic events during Sydney Craft Beer Week.

There are two bars, one upstairs and one downstairs, as well as an outside seating area which really comes alive (with hundreds of sweaty, squashed bodies) on Australia Day.

It’s a bright and comfortable pub, with a decent amount of seating and some side rooms with comfier chairs and sofas. There are TVs usually showings sports (frequently rugby union and motorsport).

The main bar area can get very crowded during busy times but the staff are quick, efficient and friendly. I’ve never been offered a taster at Harts but they’re usually more than happy to talk about the beer.

Harts Pub stairs

While the impressive tap list will deservedly steal your attention, don’t forget to take note of what’s inside the fridge. Sometimes there are a few surprises (often from the US or New Zealand). You might just see a few Rocks beers before you start seeing them in bottleshops too.

I’ve had heaps of different beers on tap at Harts. Fantastic drops from locals such as Doctor’s Orders, as well as wonderful stuff from Mornington Peninsula, Hopdog Beerworks, Birra del Borgo and more.

The taps rotate fairly frequently so there’s a definite fear of missing out (FOMO, I’m told) among beer enthusiasts.

Harts Pub Mornington Peninsula Oatmeal Stout

This is another one of those pubs where it’s always worth checking out Now Tapped (something they actually advertise within the pub – they’re very social media savvy are Rocks Brewing Co.) to see what’s new on tap.

As with all good Sydney pubs, the food menu is dependable. There are typical bar snacks of calamari, chips, buffalo wings and even deep fried jalapeño peppers, stuffed with cream cheese and cayenne pepper (if you dare!).

There’s restaurant seating upstairs where you can devour a burger or a full roast dinner. The bar here is sometimes only open during busier times but it’s handy having awesome beer in arm’s reach of your table.

No matter when you visit there’ll be a brilliant atmosphere and it manages to maintain the feel of a local despite being in a tourist hot spot. An impressive feat, one which I’m still trying to work out how they managed.

It’s well worth getting down to The Rocks for some local beers, or whatever else they have on tap. They’re fast becoming a focal point in the Sydney craft beer scene.

If you like Rocks Brewing beers, I recommend you get out to their brewery tasting bar in Alexandria.

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Address: Essex St & Gloucester Street, The Rocks NSW 2000
Website: http://hartspub.com/
Hours: Sun-Wed: 12pm-12am, Thurs-Sat: 12pm-1am
Now Tapped!: https://nowtapped.com/hartspub

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