Lord Nelson Quayle Ale

Lord Nelson’s Quayle Ale has been around for ages but in 2016 it was released in snazzy new cans.

Lord Nelson Quayle Ale

Quayle Ale is a light and sessionable wheat-based beer. It’s pale gold and incredibly clear, so much so that it looks like a pale lager in the glass. In fact, it has many lager-like characteristics, from the nose to the clean finish.

Maybe it’s this character that has made it stand the test of time throughout the dark ages of boring pale, fizzy, yellow lagers.

However, fizzy is not a word you’d use to describe this beer. It’s relatively low in carbonation, and the head doesn’t stick around in the glass. While a few tiny bubbles stream up from the bottom, it otherwise sits quite sedately.

This low carbonation is another point in its favour if we consider it as a session beer designed for summer.

A Balanced Summer Ale

The overall experience that Quayle Ale provides is one of balance. There are light floral hop notes and a wheat character that comes to the fore when the liquid rises a degree or two.

The malt bill and hop regime are both restrained but act together in harmony. The body is light and so is the bitterness, with the hops presenting themselves mostly in the aroma.

With low alcohol, low carbonation and low bitterness, it’s a beer that, in cans, ticks all the boxes for fishing or camping trips, or for a picnic at the beach.

Quayle Ale is a very approachable beer and completely crushable. Branded as a summer ale and released in cans in late 2016, it’s well aimed at the warm months ahead.

It’s a smart move from Lord Nelson to move into cans, particularly for a summer release.

Lord Nelson: Standing The Test Of Time

Lord Nelson Quayle Ale

If this beer hadn’t been around for decades, you could be fooled into thinking it’s been engineered for today’s craft market. The style fits in with those that target the new craft beer drinker looking for something familiar and accessible.

While not confirmed by Lord Nelson, I’ve no doubts that this beer has changed over time. And that’s natural.

Supply and demand fluctuates, ingredients come and go, but what Lord Nelson have done is take a beer with a long history, perfect it for today’s beer drinker, and package it for today’s market.

The design and branding of the can is spot on too. Lord Nelson, with their long tradition and heritage, are one of the old boys of the Sydney craft beer scene, from back from before “craft beer” was a term anyone used. It’s impressive how they continue to adapt and move with the times.

While the old hotel down at The Rocks still retains that British nautical charm, their recipes and their packaging never feel out of place in today’s craft beer market.

Quayle Ale is perfect just for chilling through the hot months. If you’re having it as a session beer, nibble away at some sweet chilli chips or wasabi peanuts.

Brewery: Lord Nelson
From: The Rocks, NSW
Beer style: Summer ale
ABV: 4.2%
IBU: 18
Pair with: Bar snacks such as wasabi peanuts

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