Lord Raglan Hotel, Alexandria

Coming under the Rocks Brewing banner, the Lord Raglan Hotel in Alexandria is a quirky pub with a fantastic range of beers.

Lord Raglan HotelThe Lord Raglan features a large wide open bar area with plenty of bar stools, big double doors and large windows. On a summer day, you’ll want to get in early and swipe window seat to get the beautiful combination of warm sunlight and cooling breeze.

Setting The Scene For Beer

There are chalk boards lining the walls with details of various events. You’ll also see rows of empty beer bottles in nooks and crannies which emphasise the beery focus of the pub.

In the back corner of the Lord Raglan Hotel, there’s a collection of impressive old school pinball machines, giving the pub a note of difference.

A Focus On Craft

Right in the centre of the pub, there’s a bar with 16 taps, many of which pour the Rocks Brewing core range but you’ll also find guest taps from Batch, Nomad, New England and plenty of others. These change regularly, so it’s worth checking Now Tapped! to see what’s on.

There are takeaway fridges with some great prices on the Rocks range, as well local brews from the likes of Yulli’s and a variety of US and UK imports.

Although, be warned, the fridges are perilously close to the kitchen, so while you might pop to pick up a six pack, you could be tempted by the smell of a hearty pub meal.

The menu is similar to Harts Pub, the other Sydney venue owned by Rocks Brewing. There are plenty of kick-ass American style burgers, hot dogs and wings.

Plenty Of Reasons To Visit

With popular trivia nights, craft beer events, particularly through Sydney Craft Beer Week, and an impressive line up of taps, Lord Raglan is providing an oasis for craft beer lovers around the Redfern and Alexandria area.

It’s also not too far from the Rocks Brewery in Alexandria, where you can go to taste Rocks beers at their absolute freshest. That said, the short trip means those beers are making it to the Lord Raglan in tip-top condition.

It’s a fairly short walk from Redfern station and sits on a main junction, meaning it’s pretty easy to access via public transport.

Address: 12 Henderson Rd, Alexandria NSW 2016
Website: http://lordraglan.com.au/
Hours: Mon-Sat: 12pm-12am, Sun: 12pm-10pm
Now Tapped!: https://nowtapped.com/lordraglanhotel

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