Medhurst & Sons Cider And Craft Beer Tinnies, Glebe

Medhurst & Sons is a specialist cider and beer bottle shop in Glebe. It’s the brainchild of Pixel brewer, Kieran Medhurst.

Sadly, Medhurst & Sons closed in June 2017. I wish Kieran the best of luck in whatever he does next.

Medhurst & Sons

Based in Glebe, this small specialty bottle shop is primarily focused on craft cider.

Inside the heritage shop front, there are a variety of products from Australia’s independent craft cider makers. It’s an industry which is still in its infancy and somewhat smaller than craft beer. For now.

Cider And Craft Beer Tinnies

Kieran also stocks international ciders but what will really interest readers of this site is the array of craft beer in cans. While there are a couple of bottles here and there, the focus is mainly on tinnies.

Medhurst & Sons beer fridge

The reason for the focus on cans is twofold. Firstly, cans are just great containers for beer. So much so that the benefits are literally written on the wall of Medhurst & Sons. Punters questioning ‘why cans?’ can be directed to multiple reasons right there in front of them.

The second reason for Medhurst & Sons focussing on cans is space. The shop is cosy to say the least and cans can be stacked and arranged to fit many into a small space.

When opening, Kieran acknowledged that he couldn’t compete with established bottle shops like Oak Barrel and Beer Cartel in terms of range, so the small size of cans allows him to maximise his range as well as develop a niche for which he’s becoming known.

Medhurst & Sons cider

The shelves of beer cans are certainly exciting for Sydney’s craft beer geeks and there are a couple of refrigerators that are great for a roadie. But beer lovers shouldn’t overlook the craft ciders and Kieran is more than qualified to offer recommendations to suit your palate.

Names such as Two Metre Tall and Napoleone will stand out to beer drinkers, as might Hills Cider’s hopped cider. There’s a whole world of apple-based discovery to be had for those who possess a thirst and an open mind.