Merchant Brewing Co

Merchant Brewing Co. are an exciting up and coming brewery from Sydney.

merchant brewing co

Josh, Dan and Glenn are still young guys but they’re demonstrating extraordinary brewing chops and knowledge. Now they’re making an impact, particular around the crafty-inclined Inner West where you’ll find their beers.

Mates and homebrewers. The story has been told a thousand times. Expect the guys behind Merchant Brewing have known each other since their school days.

Growing up in a country town they’ve now taken their love of homebrewing to a new level, producing beers that are getting picked up and enjoyed around Sydney.

Merchant are currently gypsy brewing around the Inner West and while the guys are still in full time jobs they’ve done extraordinarily well to get a commercial operation of the ground in 2015.

They’re focusing on the quality of their batches and they’re being innovative in their approach.

Merchant Brewing Co. are creating themselves a pretty cool brand too with a series of sloth illustrations which are surely going to become iconic in the craft world.

The name? Well they started out at number 4 Merchant Street, so what else could it be?

It’s worth keeping an eye on where the Merchant guys are going. They’re one of the most exciting brewing startups currently in Sydney.