Modus Operandi Lost Key XPA

Lost Key XPA is Modus Operandi’s first limited release of 2017.

Modus Operandi Lost Key XPA

Lost Key XPA is an American style pale ale, dry hopped with Simcoe, Rakau and Columbus.

The story behind the beer is that it’s a collaboration with Black Bunny Kitchen who accidentally lost the key to the Modus HQ during a kitchen takeover.

A Punch On The Nose

If one had to pick a defining feature of this beer it would be its big aroma. As soon as it first fills your nostrils you can tell it’s a Modus Operandi beer. It features some sticky sap-like pine and it’s mouth watering. Sipping away, waves of subtle stone fruit soon come to the fore.

Most of the hop action seems to come in the aroma and flavour. The bitterness is restrained but it does have that familiar Modus Operandi taste, that gritty bite at the back of the palate. Albeit, in this case, less than the likes of Former Tenant or Sonic Prayer.

Dry hopping is the key (yes, I said it) to getting big aroma into a beer like this. Beer drinkers familiar with bold American style IPAs will be familiar with Simcoe and Columbus. Alongside the Rakau in this beer, they combine nicely.

While the initial impression is of pine, there isn’t a single characteristic from the hops that overwhelms the other. It’s a good example of a dry hop regime that blends together complementary aromas which work to develop a unified aroma and flavour profile.

Easy Drinking And Versatile

It’s a pretty smashable beer. It tastes like it should be a American style IPA but the 5.2% ABV means it’s not over the top with the booze, there’s no lingering warmth and with the moderate bitterness and a light body, it’s very easy to quaff.

Lost Key XPA is available in Modus Operandi’s recognisable 500ml cans but is in limited supply so move quickly if you want to get your hands on it.

If you can get hold of it, Lost Key XPA would make a great first beer of a Friday evening. But thanks to the lower bitterness it’s also possible to have it with a meal without it overwhelming. It’d wash down a chicken parmigiana with a spicy tomato sauce very nicely.

Brewery: Modus Operandi
From: Mona Vale
Beer style: XPA / American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2%
Malt: Pale, Ale, Wheat, Carapils
Hops: Simcoe, Columbus, Rakau
Pair with: Chicken parmigiana with a spicy tomato sauce

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