Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer IPA

Sonic Prayer is the fourth in the core can range for Modus Operandi. It’s a bold and brash IPA.

Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer IPA

Sonic Prayer, although it’s been around before now, replaced the much-loved Zoo Feeder in the Modus Operandi portfolio. Zoo Feeder was a beautiful, exciting IPA that packed some of that garlicky, onion hop character that’s probably one for the hardcore drinkers.

This beer, meanwhile, is packed with fruit salad flavours making for a more accessible but equally exciting core range beer.

It’s been around before as a seasonal and you may have been lucky enough to try it at the Modus tasting room or at one of Sydney’s many good craft beer pubs.

Now it’s in cans and it tastes like the new world hops have been dialled up a notch.

Waves Of Citrus And Stone Fruit

There are initial aromas of lemon as you crack open the can. Then comes a wave of grapefruit before a forceful sweet peach aroma takes hold and remains dominant. In the glass it has a perfect gold colour with just a hint of haze. 

The peach characteristic is enticing and carries through on the first few sips. That is, before a driving bitterness takes hold.

Signature MO Bitterness

This particular bitter taste is one that’s quite unique to Modus Operandi beers, so much that it’s almost becoming a signature. It’s been seen in the aforementioned Zoo Feeder but most famously in Former Tenant.

It’s a rasping, drying bitterness that clings to your palate like scorched rubber on a racetrack. It’s biting and full-bodied. It gives the impression of a gritty and gristy rawness to the beer. It’s aggressive and wrestles with your palate.

As you get familiar with the sweet peach flavours and the violent bitterness, you begin to notice that there’s plenty of pine in the beer too. This sits nicely at the end of the sensory experience.

If you like this you’ll like Former Tenant but if you’re looking for something more approachable then the Modus Pale Ale packs a lot of fruity and floral flavours into a wonderfully drinkable beer.

This is a great beer to enjoy on its own but if you were to pair it with food you’d need to pick wisely. The temptation would be to complement the peach flavours but the bitterness would dominate any subtle dishes. Instead, use it to wash down some spicy beef cheek nachos. The sweet stone fruit is going to balance the spice.

Brewery: Modus Operandi
From: Mona Vale, NSW
Beer style: IPA
ABV: 6%
Pair with: Spicy beef cheek nachos

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