Nomad Rosie’s Summer Punch

One of Nomad’s special releases for summer 2016/17, Rosie’s Summer Punch is a Berliner Weisse with hibiscus rosella.

Nomad Rosie's Summer Punch

Last summer Nomad released an easy drinking beer for summer. That was Myrtle’s Summer Fling, an easy drinking golden ale. This year, Myrtle is out the door, replaced by Rosie who brings with her a summer punch.

Garden Party In A Glass

And that’s what this beer initially reminds you of. I haven’t been to many garden parties but the ones I have typically serve up a punch that tastes a bit like this. It’s refreshing, fruity and ever so slightly acidic. In this beer the acidity comes from lactobacillus bacteria which brings down the pH of the beer.

Rosie’s Summer Punch is a Berliner Weisse style but with the addition of native hibiscus rosella. Anyone who’s familiar with Nomad’s work will know of their commitment to using native ingredients in their beers.

Hibiscus Rosella

The hibiscus rosella lends not only its name to the beer but also a beautiful rose colour. The beer is lightly tinged pink, a lot like Wayward’s Sourpuss.

The aroma is floral and you can tell it’s hibiscus. But more than the aroma and flavour, the pink hue is the plant’s true gift to this beer. It gives the impression of fresh summer berries, or of the aforementioned summer punch.

Up front the taste is tart but delicately so. However, this soon subsides into a refreshing if thin finish. A light body is to be expected considering the ABV.

It’s like highly diluted blackcurrant cordial. Anyone familiar with Ribena and drinking it as a kid will know the taste. There was always that friend’s parent who made Ribena way too weak. This brings back memories of that.

But Ribena didn’t clock in at a deliciously sessionable 3.8% ABV. This makes it a great summer thirst quencher, either at home while pottering around the yard or sat under shade in a hot beer garden.

A can measures at one standard drink meaning you could sit on these for a few hours on a muggy afternoon.

Brewery: Nomad Brewing Co.
From: Brookvale, NSW
Beer style: Berliner Weisse
ABV: 3.8%
Pair with: Bite size strawberry cheesecake pieces

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