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Unless indicated otherwise, copyright is owned by SydneyBeer (Tim Hodge).

Content must not be reproduced without first receiving permission.

Where copyright is not owned by SydneyBeer (Tim Hodge) it is used either with the appropriate permission or under licence.


This site collects personal information such as names and email addresses, when volunteered through commenting and subscribing. These will not be shared with any third parties.

The information volunteered may be used to contact users of this site.

The website also collects broad demographic information in the form of usage analytics. I only ever use this to better understand the SydneyBeer audience and to tailor the content and function of the site to readers.

You can contact SydneyBeer to request the removal of your personal information.


Comments on this site are moderated. SydneyBeer reserves the right to not publish any comments which do not fit with the ethos of this site. This is entirely discretionary but here’s a rough guide:

  • Swearing is tolerated where appropriate. It should not be excessive or unnecessary.
  • No personal abuse (of any form) will be tolerated.
  • Off topic or irrelevant comments will not be approved.
  • Criticism of beers, breweries or venues is accepted. This should be analytical and constructive, not abusive or confrontational.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. 

Advertising, promotions and gifts

While SydneyBeer is open to advertisers (which will be accepted on a discretionary basis) this does not affect editorial content.

Where gifts or invitations have been offered or accepted this will be disclosed in full.

Please contact SydneyBeer to make enquiries.

Responsible drinking

SydneyBeer is all about enjoying good beer responsibly. Drink safely and drink to enjoy.