Red Tape Brewing

Red Tape Brewing occupies King Street Brewhouse, a brewpub in a tourist hotspot bringing craft beer to visitors and Sydneysiders alike.

Red Tape Brewing

Darling Harbour is one of the most tourist packed areas of Sydney. Indeed, aside from those working it’s a good question as to how many SydneySiders actually go there regularly.

For craft beer enthusiasts though there is a reason to go. Just off King Street Wharf is King Street Brewhouse, where you’ll find Red Tape Brewing.

The building used to be a James Squire Brewhouse but since changing ownership it’s now home to Red Tape. The beers being brewed were modified slightly and relabelled, while a few new recipes were added too.

The bar is one place in Sydney where you’ll find a randall, a infusion device so beer can be poured through whatever they feel like such as coffee, fruit or hop flowers.

Red Tape are doing their bit to promote craft beer and convert a few drinkers in one of Sydney’s tourist hotspots, despite the challenge of having to serve some more mainstream beers too.

Given the surroundings, it’s not surprising that the likes of pale ales and cream ales prove the most popular at the King Street Wharf bar. But that doesn’t mean that the brewers restrict themselves to just crowd-pleasing, approachable beers. Some of their experimental batches including dark stouts and bitter IPAs have proved a hit with punters and beer judges alike.

With a range of macro lagers on tap at the venue, alongside the aforementioned randall and a hand pump, they are catering for everyone. It’s the house-produced beer that’s most interesting and Red Tape continue to pump out interesting interpretations on classic styles from around the world.

There are a number of brewpubs in Sydney but to have one so central is a big plus for local beer drinkers and tourists.


  • Wood Duck Pale (Cream Ale)
  • Fish River Gold (Golden Ale)
  • Cannonball Stout (Dark Ale)
  • Perfect Storm (Lager)
  • Coolship (Pale Ale)
  • Old Brown Duck (English Brown Ale)