Rocks Brewing Brewery Bar, Alexandria

Rocks Brewing have a permanent home in Alexandria and you’re invited.

Rocks Brewing Co sign

Sydney beer geeks may have noticed an upturn in the quality and consistency of Rocks Brewing beers over recent times. My guess is that this coincides with their move to a permanent brewing base.

This base is smack bang in the middle of an Alexandria industrial estate. It’s not the most glamorous location but luckily it’s only about a ten minute walk from Mascot station and there’s plenty of parking. Oh, and they’ve made it look fantastic.

Walking through the car park you’re greeted by a wall of gleaming glass and chrome, with ROCKS BREWING stencilled in massive type up on high.

There’s a heap of outdoor and indoor seating. The benefit of being in an industrial estate is the amount of space available. This is different to your inner city, side street beer den.

The sun streams into the courtyard area and tall tables and stools are positioned all over, in the sun and in the shade. There are heaters for when it gets a bit chilly.

This is about as modern and comfortable as a brewery tasting bar can get. It’s more a casual pub experience than an industrial operation. That is until you get a glimpse of their stainless steel.

Rocks Brewing Co brewery

And how glorious it is. Their spanking new tanks stand monolithic in a maze of pipes, ladders, scaffolding and cables. It’s all the more impressive as it catches the sun streaming in from outside.

Rocks Brewing's spanking new tanks stand monolithic in a maze of pipes and ladders. Click To Tweet

The brewery itself features a state of the art High Efficiency Brewing System (HEBS), the first of its kind in Australia. This on its own is enough of an attraction for the hardcore beer nerds.

The premise behind the system is that it maximises brewing efficiency by extracting as much sugar from the mash as possible using pressure, which in return saves on energy, water and waste.

There’s covered seating and you might want to nab one of these tables, at least to be close to the bar. Rocks Brewing continue to pour their core range at the brewery but with a few nice additions such as their Conviction Series of limited release beers (such as their Scotch Ale).

If you can resist a beer paddle (paired with cheese) you’ll want to try these limited beers as you don’t know how long they’ll be around or whether they’ll be back again.

The atmosphere is relaxed. Musicians fill the courtyard area with strummed guitars and drum samples. There’s a wonderfully mixed crowd too.

There’s more than just your craft beer hipster here. You’ll see groups of lads picking out the strongest beer they can get, families enjoying burgers and chips, and even more mature ladies sipping afternoon tea.

Rocks Brewing Co kitchen

It’s a welcoming and bright environment with tea and coffee being served as well as beer, a fantastic menu (similar to that at Harts Pub) and even sports highlights playing on TV. There’s something for everyone.

The bar itself is clad in wood and the taps sit on a beautiful copper back board. It looks impressive from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave.

And it would take a lot to prise me away from the brewery, such is the comfort and quality of beer.

Rocks Brewing Co bar

Rocks Brewing Co tap list

Rocks Brewing Co fridge

The beers are fresh and delicious and if you haven’t explored the Rocks range yet this is the place to do it. It’s thoroughly recommended and worth the trip to the industrial estate.

It’s sure to become a favourite in the hearts of Sydney’s craft beer enthusiasts.

Address: Zepplin Building II, 160 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015
Hours: Mon-Sun: 7:30am-10:30pm

Have you hit up the Rocks brewery since it opened? Leave a comment with what you thought and what beer you drank.