Shenanigans Gone Troppo

Shenanigans Gone Troppo is the 2016 summer release from the Inner West gypsy brewing duo.

Shenanigans Gone Troppo

Gone Troppo is a fruited IPA. It’s a style that’s been something of a trend in 2016, particularly in the US with the likes of Ballast Point leading the way with Grapefruit Sculpin and other fruited variations of their best-selling beers.

Shenanigans have released this one at the perfect time as a summer seasonal.

Fruit Salad Aroma – For Real

The fruit in here is a tropical concoction of guava and passionfruit and it certainly comes through, first in the aroma and then on the palate as you sip the beer.

Often tropical hops are described as having a fruit salad aroma but that descriptor wouldn’t do justice to this beer which contains actual fruit.

The liquid is a beautiful gold colour with just a hint of haze to it. The head is a lively and bubbly off-white. A fragrant initial wave of juicy tropical fruit pours through the head. 

Summer Thirst Quencher

It’s a beer which, on a balmy summer evening, entices you to gulp it down. And while it comes in a bomber it also clocks in at under 6% ABV, meaning it’s undeniably at the quaffable end of modern IPAs.

The body is relatively light and thankfully there’s no crystal in the malt bill, which just doesn’t suit this type of beer. The combination of Pilsner and Munich malts make for a clean and balanced backbone, while the wheat and Caraamber add just enough character to keep things interesting and prevent the fruit from dominating.

Also working well with the guava and passionfruit are the hop additions. There’s just enough bitterness to make it clear it’s an IPA and provide a delineation as to where the tropical hops end and the tropical fruit begins.

Whether you see fruited IPAs as a fad or not, there’s no denying this is a refreshing beer suited to a hot Sydney summer. My advice is to get it while it’s fresh and pair it with a Thai papaya salad with just a dash of chilli dressing.

Brewery: Shenanigans Brewing
From: Sydney, NSW
Beer style: Fruited IPA
ABV: 5.8%
IBU: 55
Malts: Pilsner, Munich, Wheat and Caraamber
Hops: Mosaic, Topaz, Bravo
Other: Guava and passionfruit
Pair with: Thai papaya salad with chilli dressing

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