Spooning Goats, CBD

There are a number of great places for craft beer along York Street in the CBD. However, not many have captured the hearts of beer enthusiasts like Spooning Goats.

Spooning Goats interior

It’s a small underground den and it’s easy to miss. Walk past along York Street, and you might just catch some Star Wars figures out of the corner of your eye. Look closely and you’ll see an I <3 SG sign. Stop in your tracks. Look for the stairs. Head down. You won’t regret it.

Character By The Bucket Load

Small, dark and cosy, bordering on atmospherically dingy. There’s a little bar with friendly staff and four rotating taps. They’ll happily tell you a bit about the beers.

Around the bar is a mish-mash of old furniture, funny decorations and old arcade games. A little bit kitsch to some, endearing to others. Either way, Spooning Goats has character by the bucket load and that’s what matters.

Jason, the owner of Spooning Goats, is one of the friendliest guys you’ll meet in bars around Sydney. Always enthusiastic and with impeccable taste in beer, you get the feeling he’s running the sort of bar he’d like to hang out in.

One For The Beer Geeks

And the beer is excellent. There are four taps which change frequently. You’ll find the full spectrum, from limited seasonal releases and special one offs to local favourites and up-and-coming brewers. Akasha, 4 Pines, Illawarra, Merchant Brewing and more have all featured fairly regularly in recent times.

You’ll see the list scrawled up on the wall in chalk but it’s well worth checking them out on Now Tapped! for the latest listing.

One Of The Best Bars In The Sydney CBD

Spooning Goats has played host to many Sydney Craft Beer Week events and Jason even brewed his own beers for a couple. A sour and a session IPA.

They run the occasional themed night at the bar but even when it’s a regular night it’s a fun place to hang out. It’s also one of the best places for drinks in the city on a Friday around 5pm.

Maybe it’s the craft beer focus, maybe it’s the décor or the vibe, or even the variety of other venues nearby, but it’s brilliantly lacking in the kind of idiots that crawl out of the woodwork at that time of the week.

Spooning Goats Great Scott Anytime IPA

If you love a quirky venue and great beer, hit up Spooning Goats. It’s seriously cool.

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