The Noble Hops, Redfern

The Noble Hops has opened up in Redfern to much fanfare. It has that real small bar vibe and a focus on awesome craft beer and whisky.

The Noble Hops Redfern

The real litmus test of a new bar opening is when industry people are excited about it and that’s certainly been the case with The Noble Hops. From bartenders to beer reps, there’s been a lot of positive talk among people in the industry about what the bar in Redfern is doing.

From the start, The Noble Hops has set out their credentials, even sharing pictures of their cold room on Instagram, to show the neat order and short draught lines. It’s an approach which will fill beer geeks with glee. And both beer lovers and locals (and especially the middle section of that venn diagram) are responding well already.

American Inspired Beer List

One highlight for many beer drinkers is the bottle list which features a range of US imports. While imported beer, especially hop-forward styles, might not be as fresh as local stuff, so far it seems to be in good nick. And it also sounds as if they’re rotating the list to keep stuff moving.

You’ll see the likes of Stone, Deschutes, Founders and more in the fridges. In time it would be nice to see some more local bottled stuff and maybe a few craft tinnies coming through.

The local focus is already happening on the tap list with favourites such as Wayward and Shenanigans featuring. It looks set to continue that way.

A Craft Beer Bar With A Local Feel

Speaking to locals at the bar, it’s clear to see there’s been an appetite for this kind of venue. Not least because of the growth of Redfern’s nightlife, especially since the lockout laws were introduced.

Around Redfern Street and the surrounding areas, there seems to be a really good vibe growing with a few bars and pubs nearby and a general enthusiasm for what’s happening in the suburb.

When I was sat at the bar, one local told me he’d been to The Noble Hops four times before it had even been open a week. There were plenty of punters obviously trying new beer styles for the first time and some who clearly knew their style guidelines and what it takes to keep beer fresh.

Honest And Knowledgeable Bar Staff

The staff are helpful, offering tasters and making recommendations. I experienced this first hand, with tasters of two IPAs I was choosing between and an honest appraisal of one imported beer from one member of staff.

The Noble Hops Redfern beer

The Noble Hops is a cool venue, with pizza being delivered from nearby and spiced popcorn being served up at the bar as the trend seems to be (Wayward and The Little Guy are known for this too).

It’s brilliant that Redfern has a new small bar with such a clear focus both on excellent craft beer and on serving locals first and foremost. The Noble Hops has all the makings of a craft beer bar that should be around for some time.

The Noble Hops has all the makings of a craft beer bar that should be around for some time. Click To Tweet

While it’ll take some time to cement itself in the minds of beer geeks the way somewhere like Bitter Phew has, it’s already working towards it. Not least because of the awesome community vibe.

Read an interview with Joe Wee, owner of The Noble Hops.

Address: 125 Redfern St, Redfern NSW 2016
Hours: Mon: Closed, Tue-Fri: 4pm-12am, Sat: 3pm-12am, Sun: 3pm-10pm
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