Wayward Brewing

Gypsy brewers for so long, Wayward Brewing now have a home in Camperdown.

Wayward Brewing

Before putting down roots in the Inner West, Peter Philip had brewed in a number of different Sydney breweries, undergone an extended copyright battle and been pushed from pillar to post by council over their brewery plans.

It’s been a long road but Wayward Brewing are finally there. Good things really do come to those who wait.

One of the breweries Peter Philip brewed at was Illawarra Brewing and it was this connection that kicked off the next chapter in the Wayward adventure. He’s now joined by Shaun Blissett, formerly of Illawarra.

The Wayward range of beers has so far been anything but normal with their India Red Ale and Chocolate Dopplebock both proving very popular.

The production of their eisbock in their new facility is also an exciting new challenge they’re facing.

Such is the popularity of the range of beers they have produced, they had already planned to expand the brewery before they even moved in.

This approach was backed up by the brewers they spoke to when visiting the US Craft Brewers Conference. “Plan for success” was the message, and so they should.

The new facility itself used to be a winery and the walls are stained red with wine and wax. It means the location is all the more fitting for their new barrel program. Just another thing to excite the punters along with the twelve taps at the brewery bar.

Having been gypsy brewers for so long, they’re now committed to paying it forward and are accepting other start-up gypsy brewers, home brewers and other collaborators into their space to brew a variety of concoctions.

This will include brews with local charities who will receive money from the sale of the beers. It’s a very altruistic and community-focused approach for a relatively new brewery.

It’s an exciting time for Wayward: a new brewery, more beers and community initiatives. They’re certainly one to keep an eye on.

Wayward beers: