Wayward FUSAMI Victory

Wayward FUSAMI Victory is a cold-fermented lager with a bucket-load of hops thrown at it.

Wayward FUSAMI Victory

When this beer first came out, long before Wayward put down roots in Camperdown, there were rumours that the name was a nod to the trademark dispute that Wayward had to fight their way through. These rumours have been denied.

For those that didn’t hear about it at the time, the dispute involved SABMiller India. I’ll leave you to work out what the F and the U in FUSAMI might stand for.

India Pale Lager

This is a hoppy lager, or an India Pale Lager (IPL) as they’ve recently become known.

FUSAMI Victory pours just like a traditional lager. It’s a beautiful pale gold, with just a slight touch of haze. This haze comes from the fact that Wayward don’t filter any of their beers. All the flavour and character stays in the liquid, nothing is taken out.

On the nose, there’s lots of grapefruit, passionfruit and apricot. It’s a fragrant, fruit salad aroma coming from the liberal addition of US, New Zealand and Australian hops.

It’s an interesting new wave lager packed with mouth-watering aroma and dizzying, punchy tropical flavours.

Hops, Malt And Fermentation

While FUSAMI Victory is clearly a hop forward beer, and although there’s a definite malt presence both in the ABV and on the finish, it would be doing this beer a disservice if the fermentation wasn’t mentioned.

The lagering really rounds out this beer. The prominent hop profile provides a contrast against which the long, clean fermentation and crisp finish can stand out.

One might not notice the characteristics of a clean ferment in a more traditional lager but here the body and the thunderstorm of hops provides a backdrop on which it can present itself well.

Finally, there’s a perfumed finish before a slight impression of bitterness from the hops. But really it culminates in some bread-like malt flavour that you’d expect from a balanced lager.

A Beer For All Occasions

If you like this beer you’ll like Akasha’s Tradewind Lager or maybe Wayward’s more traditional lager, Keller Instinct.

It’s perfect as a beer to showcase flavourful hops to traditional lager drinkers but also a great way to get a well fermented lager into the hands of hop-heads.

I’ve never been a fan of throwing hoppy beers at curries as a pairing. I’ve always preferred crisp and refreshing lagers, as long as they’re not over-carbonated.

However, in the case of FUSAMI Victory, you get the best of both, making it ideal to drink alongside a variety of curries (just don’t make it so spicy that you miss out on the complexity of this beer).

Brewery: Wayward Brewing
From: Camperdown, NSW
Beer style: India Pale Lager
ABV: 6.1%
IBU: 55
Pair with: Kashmiri lamb curry

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