Yulli’s Brews Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter

As with many of Yulli’s Brew’s core beers, this one is personified by the character which gives it its name, Fat Nerd.

Yulli's Brews Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter

The description on the bottle paints this character as a mixed bag. He’s not your best mate but not all bad. Apparently he’d hit on your date but then he’s the one to build up your pride again. And he loves a beer, although he’s not that great after a few.

Fat Nerd, The Beer

To the beer itself and the liquid has a certain weight to it. It’s incredibly dark with the tiniest hint of chocolate brown. There’s some viscosity in the glass and a smooth head that holds a light butterscotch colour.

It’s not just vanilla beans giving this porter its additional flavour but bourbon too. This comes through prominently in the aroma with a considerable oakiness and the lingering spectre of alcohol fumes.

Flavours Of Vanilla, Oak And Biscuits

The aromas are matched in the flavour, with sugar-laden vanilla ice-cream doused in the sweet-wood flavours of bourbon. Underlying this is the malt backbone which features milk chocolate, roasted grain and malted milk biscuits.

For such a sweet beer, the finish is surprisingly dry. This is contrasted by the smooth and creamy texture and mouth-coating stickiness experienced as it crosses the palate.

Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter is primarily a malt-forward beer characterised by the additional ingredients but that’s not to say that it’s without hops. There’s some mild bitterness at the finish and perhaps it’s this that lends towards to perception of dryness.

The bitterness doesn’t linger much and the overriding aftertaste is a combination of the vanilla and bourbon, which, while distinct, also blend together to create a sort of leathery flavour.

Fat Nerd Vanilla Porter is obviously designed as a dessert beer and would go well with some bourbon flavoured ice cream or a classic New York cheesecake.

Brewery: Yulli’s Brews
From: Surry Hills, NSW
Beer style: Vanilla Porter
ABV: 6%
IBU: 41
Pair with: New York cheesecake

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