Yulli’s Brews Gretchen Organic Honey Kölsch

Gretchen from Yulli’s Brews is an Organic Honey Kölsch which is both unique and on style.

Yulli's Brews Gretchen Organic Honey Kolsch

Kölsch is another of those underrated styles in the Australian market. The 4 Pines Kolsch is probably the most widely available example, while the South Australian’s Big Shed have their Kols-Chisel. Aside from that though there aren’t many.

Gretchen Organic Honey Kölsch, from Yulli’s Brews, is a wonderful local example.

Organic Credentials

As with other Yulli’s beers, see Norman and Slick Rick for starters, it’s personified with a character. In this instance it’s Gretchen.

Gretchen is an arty type, she loves the pub but doesn’t like the smell. She’s a wine lover but will usually start with a beer, as long as it’s organic.

Hence the organic credentials of this beer.

As the name suggests, Gretchen Organic Honey Kölsch features organic honey. It’s sourced from the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and lends a mellow flavour but the beer remains very much to style.

Simple And Well Executed

It’s a simple beer brewed very well using a single malt and single hops. The organic Pilsner malt lends a delicate straw colour and a virtually blank canvas for the organic Cascade hops from New Zealand.

Kiwi Cascade is slightly more subtle than its American cousin and it works very nicely in this beer.

It provides just enough bitterness with a gentle bite on the back of the palate as it finishes. The flavour profile is of subtle, slightly sweetened citrus and it’s delivered to the nose and tastebuds by the delightfully effervescent liquid.

As well as the light bitterness at the end, it finishes very crisp and clean thanks to a well-executed cold ferment.

Versatile Match For Food

Yulli’s suggest their own pairings with mezze plates, smokey dips or chips from the vending machine. All would be very good suggestions. 

Alternatively, drinking this beer with a German wurstsalat with a honey mustard dressing would be a delicious combination.

Brewery: Yulli’s Brews
From: Sydney, NSW
Beer style: Kölsch
ABV: 4.5%
IBU: 17
Malt: Organic Pilsner
Hops: Organic NZ Cascade
Other ingredients: Organic Blue Mountains honey
Pair with: Wurstsalat with honey mustard dressing

Have you tried  Yulli’s Gretchen? If so leave a comment below and share your thoughts on the beer.