Yulli’s Brews Norman Australian Ale

Yulli’s Brews Norman Australian Ale is a sessionable pale ale, similar in many ways to Coopers Pale Ale but with a burst more flavour from Galaxy and Ella hops.

Yulli's Brews Norman Australian Ale

The brewing company is based in Surry Hills, as an offshoot from the Yulli’s restaurant. Yulli’s Brews have been garnering quite a bit of attention for their beers which often feature at pubs such as Dove & Olive.

All the beers are characterised by a cartoon personification of the beer which provides the name and label for each release.

Tentative First Steps

I have a confession, when I first saw Norman Australian Ale some time ago I was nervous. Nervous that it would be a craft beer interpretation of that worst Aussie trait, the anti-intellectual, anti-creative, staunch defence of the mediocre or the “average”.

Fortunately I’m wrong.

Meet Norman

Norm is just a character, a personification of the traditional Australian pale ale. He’s no nonsense, he does the job but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a bit interesting.

The copy on the can tells of Norm’s varied and unconventional past. Sure he subscribes to a few Aussie cliches but he’s not all bad. And the beer is far from bad.

A Modern Aussie Twist On A Classic

For most drinkers, Coopers Pale Ale is going to be the reference point from which they can start. It’s that style of beer, a pale ale in the uniquely Aussie interpretation. It’s slightly cloudy in the body, pale yellow in colour, with a frothy white top.

Norm’s relatively unassuming in appearance but it’s the aroma and flavour that sets this apart from its South Australian grandfather.

There doesn’t seem to be any one dimensional Pride of Ringwood here. Instead there’s the intriguing tropical fruit aromas of Galaxy and Ella. Norman is truly modern and Australian in its flavour profile.

A Proper Pub Beer

At the risk of perpetuating some Aussie cliches, Norman Australian Ale could be a go-to beer for many Aussie blokes. It’s a proper pub beer, the type you could swig down alongside a chicken schnitzel or a pizza.

It’s available in cans which is fantastic so let’s hope that particular trend continues. It’s also the type of beer I could imagine people crushing if Australia ever developed a tailgating culture.

Norman Australian Ale is that democratising kind of beer. It’s going to satisfy all but the most tedious beer snob and it’s also going to hit the spot for your VB drinking mate.

Brewery: Yulli’s Brews
From: Surry Hills, NSW
Beer style: Australian Pale Ale
ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 29
Pair with: A huge chicken schnitzel

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