Yulli’s Brews

Yulli’s Brews brewing company sprang out of Yulli’s restaurant in Surry Hills. With a desire to have better beer at the restaurant and a passion for homebrewing, it was a natural step.

yulli's brews logo

Yulli’s Brews are now found on tap and in bombers and cans around Sydney. With a tight core range and the odd seasonal or one-off, Yulli’s Brews have amassed a significant portfolio of beers since they launched in 2014.

The brewer behind the beers is James Harvey. The brewing company has operated out of various other breweries including Wayward, HopDog, Blackhorse and out at Brewpack.

A Wide Range Of Beers

Possibly the most distinctive and recognisable beer is the Norman Australian Pale Ale. Norman is the character on the label that personifies the beer, something that sets the Yulli’s Brews brand apart.

They continue this through their packaged product and tap decals. Each beer has a name and each beer has a character, the cartoon embodiment of the beer.

The beers have included lagers, vanilla porters and Berliner Weisses. While the Aussie pale ale might be their flagship, they’re not scared of the more adventurous styles. It seems drinkers are lapping them up too.

A Local Following

They’re generating a local and passionate following which is something we continue to see in the Sydney craft beer scene. It’s this support which is fuelling the growth and rising popularity of Yulli’s Brews.

The story and background is something a bit different. Yulli’s provide an interesting change in perspective compared to traditional craft breweries. They’ve sprung out of a food and hospitality background, rather than following a more traditional route.

They’re a brewing company that demonstrates the diversity in the Sydney beer landscape and how there’s not necessarily a one size fits all approach to brewing. 

Beer range: