Yulli’s Brews Slick Rick’s Rampaging Red Ale

Yulli’s Brews Slick Rick’s Rampaging Red Ale has been around Sydney taps for a while but in 2016 it became available in cans.

Yulli's Brews Slick Rick's Rampaging Red Ale

The immediate experience when presented with a glass of Slick Rick’s Rampaging Red Ale is that of the forceful piney, resinous nose which stands out over some more subtle zesty citrus.

As with many red ales, the colour is gorgeous. It’s a deep burnt umber with hints of amber that glint in the light.

An off-white head froths up with reckless abandon before settling into a half centimetre sliver across the top of the beer.

Bold Yet Balanced

The bold pine character likely comes from the Chinook in the hop bill. This classic American hop pulls no punches in the aroma and flavour it can impart.

But this beer isn’t all about the hops. The malt bill is complex with plenty of caramel shortbread biscuit flavours over some lightly roasted grain and the tiniest touch of dark bitter chocolate.

Back to the hops and Amarillo and Vic Secret round out the regime, throwing some beautiful citrus fruit notes into the mix.

The malt and hops complement each other perfectly. Good red ales are inherently balanced and that’s exactly what Slick Rick is.

However, that’s not to say it doesn’t deliver some intensity. All the components in this beer are turned up a notch. There’s full on biting grapefruit from the hops, contrasted by sweet biscuit. Then there’s stickiness both from the pine and the caramel sweetness. It’s all in harmony and it makes for an excellent beer.

Meet Slick Rick

As with all beers from Yulli’s Brews, they’re personified by the character that gives the beer its name.

Rick is slick. He’s “the sports car you once wanted but couldn’t afford”. He’s “your best mate’s brother’s mate you’ve never really met”.

Thankfully this beer isn’t as elusive as all that. Since being packaged in cans it’s more available than ever. You’ll find it around Sydney at bottle shops such as Medhurst & Sons, Oak Barrel and Beer Cartel.

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Brewery: Yulli’s Brews
From: Surry Hills, NSW
Beer style: Red Ale
ABV: 6.2%
IBU: 54
EBC: 36
Malts: Maris Otter, Wheat, Carared, Caramunich, Chocolate
Hops: Vic Secret, Chinook, Amarillo
Pair with: Southern fried chicken burger with chilli aioli

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